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Why is Battle Balm CBD Better?

Battle Balm CBD Product Line


Battle Balm CBD is a specific pain management solution for musculoskeletal conditions. Our CBD line of products are infused with pure supercritical CO2 extracted cannabidiol and selected phytocannabinoids directed to relieve pain, reduce swelling, increase circulation, and promote healing at the cellular level.

Below are additional reasons why we continue to evolve and grow as a powerful, effective, pain-fighting brand in the industry.


Battle Balm CBD is a natural evolution of the already successful Battle Balm brand. Using a unique combination of clinically and empirically effective herbs, Battle Balm® products have held up to the highest standards of herbal medicine.

Battle Balm CBD, launched in 2017, enhances our extremely popular Battle Balm® formulation with pure CBD isolate and hand-selected phytocannabinoids. 


Battle Balm® contains 95% USDA certified organic ingredients (by weight). We source the finest, premium grown plants and herbs from all over the world to deliver the first premium, high-quality, natural topical pain reliever to you.

Our ingredients are lot and batch coded for quality tracking and reference of our attention to detail.


With over 2 years of professional product development and design, Battle Balm® is a pure, hand-crafted formula that uses 100% natural plant ingredients. We do not add artificial scents, fragrances, fillers, colorants, or dyes to any of our products.


By sourcing USDA-certified and pesticide free ingredients, Battle Balm® begins production with safer, more biologically viable components. In addition, each ingredient has been proven and backed by clinical evidence for human use and effectiveness.


Battle Balm CBD products are sourced entirely from plants. All of our products are 100% sustainable. Battle Balm® continues to innovate and develop the best eco-conscious, green products that are environmentally friendly.


We are natural pain management professionals committed to powerful, effective, pain relief solutions. We use Battle Balm® products in the clinic and are proud to represent the highest quality standards in the industry.


 The Battle Balm® brand is focused on long-term growth in the industry. We are building our legacy by demanding better natural pain management solutions for consumer use. We will continue to use and develop our products in a way that increases knowledge and understanding of the human pain condition.