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"This stuff is incredible. I tried Battle Balm after reading an ad in Jiu Jitsu magazine, and expected, frankly, to be disappointed. My wife was a massage therapist for 10 years and had a cache of BioFreeze. I always hated it as it made my skin feel funky, for lack of a better word. Your product is smooth, and doesn't feel greasy at all. I use Demon Strength when I am particularly sore, and for the first night after a hard rolling session. That is overkill for the simple hand arthritis from grip fighting and bruises, so I stick to Original or Extreme for most days. Extreme is sufficient for anything. I love this stuff so much I have given it to a guy at my gym who has ankle pain, my father in law for his arthritis (he is 70+ and still working!), and every member of my own family. As a gift people look at me at first, like, Why are you giving me this? But within a couple days they are telling me how much they appreciate it! Keep up the good work, and you have a customer for life!"

-Frank M.

"A buddy I met on a Jiu Jitsu cruise found out I was training with a broken little toe, it was excruciating. He gave me a tube of Battle Balm and it worked like a miracle cure. I put it on the toe and in 10 minutes, no pain at all. It lasted at least 24 hours, whenever the toe started to hurt again, I put some more on and no more pain. I am a customer for life. Thank you for saving my Jiu Jitsu Cruise vacation."

-Dan T.

"To The Battle Balm® Team,
I am a 40 yo competitive Jiu jitsu player, pediatric anesthesiologist, and new dad. It would be hard to encapsulate the stress with which I deal on a daily basis. As I've gotten older, it seems as if each year for me is marked not so much by birthdays, but by the steady accumulation of chronic overuse injuries. This past year, however, I was able to stop the clock with Battle Balm®. I train at least five times a week, and after most sessions, some part of me gets covered with this magic. It keeps my pain manageable, and allows me to keep training. I've got some demon stresses and workouts, and so I'm a Demon Strength type of guy. My gym and my Jiu jitsu bag are never without my favorite herbal topical remedy."

-Karim R. MD

"I found Battle Balm® on Twitter. After talking with them for a short time, I knew I was dealing with some great people. I am a full time wrestler and I have been working hard at it for 10 years. I'm number one in Canada at my weight class. With wrestling comes other cross training, like weights, running etc. Battle Balm® has worked great for me in the last few months. It's so easy to put on with the push up stick, you don't even need to get it on your hands. My lower back has been tight  for so long. This is the number one spot I use it and receive instant relief. My neck and traps are another place I have found that it really helps me. They have been worked over a lot the past year and Battle Balm® has helped to relax them. Just wanted to say thanks so much to all the good people over at Battle Balm®! I love your product!"

-Korey Jarvis, Wrestling, Commonwealth Games Champion, Canada

“I've always been an active person whom loves sports and working out. A couple of years ago I started crossfit and I've been hooked ever since. I have to admit that it has taken its toll on my body, especially at almost 40 yrs old. My fellow gym members always know when I'm there because they can ''smell me'', referring to the smell of rubs and ointments I put on before working out. It has become part of my pre workout routine.
A few weeks ago, a friend suggested I try regular strength Battle Balm® and told me about some of the ingredients in it, most being organic and/or natural. Being the skeptic that I am, I was a bit incredulous and apprehensive about using something other than the popular brands, with Methyl Salicylate and/or Menthol. Although that ''burn'' is felt almost immediately upon contact, I felt that the odor outlasted the actual effects, pre and post workouts.
I used Battle Balm® one morning on my right knee and right elbow immediately after a workout and continued doing so regularly. There was no burning sensation and no strong odors and it eased the joint discomfort quickly. Now I use it pre workouts and to relieve muscle soreness and aches, regularly. Thank you Battle Balm®."

-Leo Sanchez, South Florida Crossfit & Dynasty Martial Arts Fitness, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

 “I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank Dylan Jawahir and the fine folks over at Battle Balm® for their incredible product, and share my personal experiences thus far. A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to begin using Battle Balm®. At the age of 33, i've now been taking martial arts (along with football, baseball, basketball and bodybuilding) for about 25 years. Needless to say, my love of sport has taken quite the toll on my body; most specifically having been the development of terribly painful shin splints. 

Aside from the obvious pain relief, one of the more valuable "bonuses" I enjoyed, was the expert advice provided by Dylan in relation to my specific injury. It was clear that he was well educated and suited perfectly to advise me in the process. The realization that the developer of a given product is also a specialist - and not just some internet marketer - certainly added a rare, additional level of comfort in my decision to use and endorse this product. My shin splints aren't something that are going to heal themselves in a couple of months; and will likely continue to nag at me for the rest of my active life. But it's refreshing to have met Mr. Jawahir and the team at Battle Balm®, and know that i've found a better tool to help me remain active for the long haul. Thanks again Battle Balm®!"

-Justin Barracosa, B.Sc., CEO, Senior Editor, and Executive Director of Content - MMA Canada

“A lifetime of adventurous shenanigans from jumping out of planes in the Army to tumbling my mountain bike off trail has left me with a handful of persistent aches and pains, especially my right knee and neck. I just spent two weeks hiking, backpacking and trail running through the Southern Alps in New Zealand. Using Battle Balm®before and after each day’s adventure kept me going strong by reducing my aches and speeding up my recovery time. I even used it to stop the itching from those nasty New Zealand sand fly bites”.
Thanks Battle Balm®!"

-Sean Paul Premeau, Adventurer, Pharmaceutical Chemist

"I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to nutrition and supplementation. One of my no-no’s is taking Ibuprofen. With the amount of endurance training I do, I would be constantly popping it like Pez. I won’t get into the bad effects of Ibuprofen on athlete’s muscles and digestive track, but I’ll just let you know that I adamantly stay away from them, even when I have a headache. 
I prefer to control inflammation and joint pains through diet. Eating foods high in omegas and religiously taking fish oil supplement have helped quite a bit. But I have to admit there are days I wake up walking like and old man, till my muscles loosen up. I was always looking for other ways of natural relief. Then I was introduced to Battle Balm®
A childhood friend had been following all my endurance races whether it was on a longboard or on foot and asked to try out a new balm he has been working on. I knew he had studied in Traditional Chinese’s medicine and ran a center that specializes in natural treatment therapy, so I was instantly intrigued about it and told him I would give it a try.
I have been using Battle Balm® for almost a month now and the results have been great. I loved that Battle Balm®was made with all natural and organic herbs. It applies on so lightly that you even wonder if you applied enough. But with a subtle heat feeling you know it’s there and doing its thing. (Heat feeling intensifies with a heating pad or when applied after a hot shower) It loosened up problematic knots and eased painful areas like a Boss! I’m talking about areas that bugged me for years. I really like that I can confidently apply several time a day if need be because of its top notch ingredients.
I’m not trying to be a sales man here by any means. I’m just honestly giving you my take on something that’s gonna stay in my repertoire for endurance training and beyond."

-Andrew Andras, Guinness Book of World Records Holder & Endurance Ultraskate Athlete

"I first heard about Battle Balm® via Twitter, and immediately assumed it was one of these new "wonder" products people are bringing out each and every day, purely designed to attract a customer into spending large amounts of money on a product that they will use once and throw into the depths of their medicine cabinet never to be seen again. Don't get me wrong, initially Battle Balm® does seem to be a slightly more expensive version of Tiger BalmTM, which we are all familiar with and used by athletes world wide, but in fact they differ greatly.
After receiving my Battle Balm® through the post - exceptionally fast I might add, considering it was sent all the way from the U.S. To Thailand - I was excited to test it out, and see if it lived up to the hype. To ease the pain of my aching muscles, I have always used a combination of Tiger BalmTM and Boxing Liniment, as this has seemed to sooth away the pain enough to enable me to train again the next day. Both Tiger BalmTM and Boxing Liniment have one thing in common: they both provide a burning sensation that we have been taught to feel is good to relax our muscles. In fact I have come to realize that our muscles can be relaxed without this burning sensation and actually preferable to have your muscles relax without it.
To truly compare the products I underwent a full weeks training, using Battle Balm® on my right side and either Boxing Liniment or Tiger BalmTM of my left side. This was an interesting experiment because if the Battle Balm®hadn't amounted to much, my body would have been sore, and in turn made me really grumpy. Luckily for Battle Balm®, its subtle ingredients set to work on my aching muscles and without even noticing it, they felt better in no time. I noticed that every time I applied the Boxing Liniment or Tiger BalmTM it was purely the burn that I felt, and generally after the burn subsided the pain returned in a more or less equal measure. Using the Battle Balm®however, did not bring this burning sensation, but managed to relax my muscles extremely well.
Unfortunately I suffered a minor concussion during my training last week and it has forced me into a small rest period where I am unable to train. I have since been in contact with Battle Balm® and they have been able to provide me with some fantastic advice to aid my recovery.
All in all I am extremely impressed with not only the product, but the service that Battle Balm® provide, from the small details to the large and will definitely be using the product in the future." 

-Helen "Hellraiser" Harper, Mixed Martial Arts Professional


I've been using Battle Balm® for about a month now, and I love the relief it gives me after a hard training session. I use it everywhere- Joints, muscle aches, cramps and it truly helps get me through to the next session, I'll never use other products again, I know that what I'm putting on me is natural with no weird chemicals or stuff.
Awesome stuff, thank you Battle Balm® guys :)

-Shannon Reid, Mixed Martial Arts Featherweight Amateur


"The reason I like it (Battle Balm®) better than my old Jow, is that the older Jow is alcohol based. So it dries out my skin. You may think that's no big deal, but last week when stick fighting, the dry skin on my knuckles busted open and started bleeding, during sparring. That's when I said, OK, this is enough. I'm going back to the Battle Balm®
Oh, and I can notice when I use the Battle Balm® that the blood flow to my hands is increased. I can feel the difference. My jow, I couldn't."

-Stickfighting Student


"I recently used Battle Balm® after a very intense training session. One that left me sore and stiff all over, especially in my back. I applied the "Extra Strength" to my back, shoulders, and legs just before bedtime. The next morning, I woke up with little to no soreness and stiffness at all. I was thoroughly impressed with the effectiveness of Battle Balm®. Before, I used ArnicaGel, but no longer. Battle Balm® is now my source of relief from rigorous training sessions."

-Carl R. Perry Professional MMA Fighter and Head Coach of Team Unleashed MMA  

"Application is quick and easy...all three strengths seemed to perform as advertised  by loosening me up and lessening muscle soreness by a noticeable degree..."
"If you would have told me that this little tin of “stuff” would cause a noticeable improvement in muscle soreness I would have chuckled to myself and walked away.  After trying it for myself this seems like a solid product that does what it says."

-Tony Sayers, M.S., NASM-PES and Amateur Fitness Enthusiast