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Shipping & Returns

Once your order is placed, we like to get your Battle Balm® products out ASAP!  If we've got other orders in front of you, those go first.  If you're not first in the queue, then the order processing time can be from 0-48hrs after it logs into our system.  If we can get your order out on the same day, we will.  

U.S. Customers

We don't have a lot of fine print for you to sift through!  We rely on the US Postal Service (USPS) for most of the individual orders shipped throughout the United States.  Typically, your order will arrive 2-5 days after we get it out the door.  The USPS delivers on Saturdays, which is awesome for you!  Orders placed over the weekend will ship on the following Monday.

If you have a desire for a different carrier, we can accommodate your needs and quote a price and delivery time for you.  Just ask!

International Customers

We use the USPS to ship most of the individual orders overseas.  We must ship orders to the billing address that we have on file.  (We are only trying to protect you from fraudulent credit card activity!)

When we ship international, there are a ton of things that can happen in transit.  Most of the time, international customs will send the package through.  But, sometimes there will be a need for them to open and investigate one of the packages.  If this happens, customs may hold or seize your order!  They may even require a ransom, er, fee to release the item to you.  We cannot be responsible for this heinous (but necessary) action and we cannot provide refunds for products that customs will not release.

Really, we can only be responsible for putting your correct address on the label and handing it over to the shipping company or carrier.  We are happy to help you track your purchase as best we can.  We will also work out any of our mistakes or issues that could arise with your package in transit.  When in doubt, please let us know what went wrong with your purchase and we will do our best to make the situation right!

Shipping FAQ

How long does it take for you guys to ship my order?

Can't you read?  We just told you it would take up to 48 hours to process your order and get it out the door!

Who are your shipping carriers?

Well, we mainly use the United States Postal Service for their awesome ability to deliver on Saturdays.  But, if you want us to use a different carrier, let us know when you place your order.  If there is a significant price difference, we'll have to charge you for it!

What do I do with the tracking number?  

We provide a tracking number with all orders.  You can use it check the status of your order on the carrier's website.  Or you can use it as your lucky numbers at your local bingo establishment!

Can you ship to an address other than my billing address?

For U.S. orders, we can most likely ship to a different address.  For International orders, we cannot ship to a different address.  We're trying to protect both you and us from fraudulent activity and this is pretty good first step!

How long will my international order take to get here?

Well, that depends.  How far away from California are you?  Your international order can take from 2-14 days.  Plus, if customs holds your package, it could take longer than two weeks.  

Customs has my package!  They're holding it hostage!  They want money from me!  What do I do?

We're sorry, but this can be part of the issue with shipping international.  Customs has an obligation to keep international shipping safe.  Sometimes unlucky packages get held up, blindfolded and gagged by customs officers.  We cannot be responsible for any package that requires additional payments to be released to you.  You will have to pay the fees to get your package.  But, please contact us in case this happens.  We will do our best to help you recover your merchandise and get your Battle Balm® package!

What are the shipping costs going to be?  

Shipping costs will vary depending on your location. Add the product to cart and select your shipping destination for the actual shipping price. Let us know if you have questions!


If you wish to return your purchase of Battle Balm®, contact us.  You won't need an RMA#, but we need to know that you are the first person in the entire universe that is unhappy with your Battle Balm® product.  When we give you the go ahead, box up the unused portion (in original packaging, if you can) and send it to:

Battle Balm
PO BOX 712263
San Diego, CA 92171

Once we receive your return, we have to inspect the package.  It can take up to 72 hours.  If approved, we will refund the money into your credit card or paypal account.  Please note that we cannot refund shipping charges, because, well, that would be like driving a car backwards to fill up the gas tank.  It just doesn't work that way!