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May 23, 2018 3 min read

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be found in many different forms and the sheer number of products seen online and in stores can be overwhelming. This article tries to simplify things such that the user can make an informed decision about his or her next purchase.

Two Ways: Internal & External

We can look at two main ways of CBD consumption for the majority of people: topicals and dietary supplements. This means that the first decision is whether you wish to consume your CBD transdermally through the skin (by external application), or through the mouth (by eating, drinking, or inhaling). There are some outliers, such as injectables and suppositories, but those will not be discussed here.

Ingestion of CBD

Since cannabidiol generally has no taste, it can be added to many foods and beverages. This makes it a pleasant, easy way to incorporate CBD into your diet without changing your current favorite flavor profiles. At present, CBD is commonly seen in sublingual drops, capsules, chewing gum, butters, and oils. All of these are great ways to add CBD to your daily routine. If you are feeling adventurous, you can purchase CBD isolate crystals and mix it into your daily meal plans. Note that since edibles must be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, they encourage a whole body effect. Also note that the GI tract can be irritated or activated by various forms of CBD supplements, so care must be taken in seeking out products that work for you. At the very least, find clean, natural products with little to no additives, fillers, or artificial constituents. Battle Balm CBD Isolate oil is considered an ingestible. Please subscribe to our newsletter and get notified when we add new products! Because CBD has NO PSYCHOACTIVE effect, CBD does not make the user feel “high”. The consumer can experiment with the dosage to find his or her therapeutic window.

External Application of CBD

Unlike the edibles, topical application of CBD specifically targets the tissue and areas of the body to which it is applied. Our Battle Balm CBD topical products fall into this category. The benefits of topical CBD are in the accurate delivery of CBD to the area needed and the reduced amount of CBD product required to treat the target area. For instance, one needs to ingest a certain quantity of CBD for the entire body system to positively respond whereas topical application of CBD could benefit the knee or back pain using much less CBD product to see results. This could mean lower costs for the consumer and a quicker, direct response to treatment.


All in all, the consumer must decide whether an internal, external, or combined application of CBD would be the favored method of treatment. Conditions that respond well to internal use of CBD are digestive, psychological, and emotional. Conditions that respond well to external use of CBD are mainly musculoskeletal and physical. That's not to say that there isn't overlap. It is a general guideline. Some conditions, such as arthritis, can benefit from the combination of treatments as inflammation can be due to immune system impairment as well as localized tissue trauma, such as degenerative joint dysfunction.


Hopefully, this article gives an overview of which way you should lean when it comes to assessing and treating your body complaints.



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