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About Battle Balm


Battle Balm® was created with one purpose in mind...


Also near and dear to our hearts is the responsibility we, as a company, have to protect our planet's natural resources.  Battle Balm® depends on a symbiotic relationship between man and earth.  Our business would not survive without it. All of nature thrives with both yin and yang energy and we respect that balance of power. Instead of rewriting our original purpose, we added just a few more words.


Battle Balm is also striving to become a carbon neutral operation. We are currently working on a manufacturing process/warehouse structure that harnesses the earth's natural resources while at the same time neutralizes and minimizes our waste production.  

Our biggest battle is in saving our planet for future generations to enjoy.

We believe that the warriors of today have built upon the skills and traditions of the past. We also believe that herbal medicine evolved throughout history in much the same way. That evolution continues with Battle Balm®, a potent topical analgesic and muscle rub steeped in the martial tradition. We hope that you take pride in your art as much as we take pride in ours.  May the martial tradition continue to thrive.



"I started business literally out of a glass jar in the corner of my office.  At the time, I was looking for a way to help rehabilitate my injury and trauma patients at my alternative medical practice.  I aimed my search toward the historical Chinese herbal formulas that martial artists had used for centuries, known as dit da jow, or "hit fall wine".  These dit da jows were used for pain as well as for bruises, ligament damage, muscle strains, fractures, and other soft tissue injuries.  

I then compared the ancient formulas to the products that were currently being used by my patients, most of which were in the form of topical analgesics.  These topical pain relievers were mainly neutralizing pain receptors, but not doing much in the way of facilitating or encouraging the body's natural healing process.  Dissatisfied with the bevy of topical analgesics out there, I created my own formula using the finest grade of natural ingredients I could find.  I figured that if I could create a safe and effective herbal pain reliever, it would be a great tool to help me refine my clinical practice.

The first batch of products went through many iterations of testing and refining.  As the product evolved, so did my clientele.  I began seeing more car accident clients, post-surgery patients, and many more athletic injuries.  I learned more about the pain condition and began sucessfully treating injury and trauma conditions using my special formula alongside acupuncture, tui na massage, and herbal medicine. It was when a few martial artists started inquiring about a stronger version of my balm, that I decided to make one specifically for them.  Battle Balm® had been born."  - Dylan Jawahir, L.Ac.,L.M.T.


I believe that the warriors of today have built upon the skills and traditions of the past.  I also believe that herbal medicine evolved throughout history in much the same way.  That evolution continues with Battle Balm®, a potent topical analgesic and muscle rub steeped in martial tradition.  My backgrounds in both traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts are blended here to create our premier product, Battle Balm®.  We hope that you take pride in your art as much as we take pride in ours.  May the martial tradition continue to thrive.

I'm passionate about health and the human capacity for healing.  I'm also passionate about people.  

The Battle Balm® story began when I was looking for a way to help people that suffer from the most common patient complaint that doctors hear, pain. I knew that in my practice, I would be unable to personally see millions of pain sufferers, let along tens of thousands. I needed to find a way to reach out to more people and share knowledge that I gained about the pain cycle and how herbal medicine could be an effective solution.

For me and many others, Battle Balm® is the safest, most effective natural pain relief solution. I use Battle Balm® in my clinic every day and I'm thankful that now I can offer our premium products to people all over the world!

A doctor's Hippocratic oath says to never do harm to anyone. We take that to heart. Our company manufactures a topical analgesic product that is safer, more natural, and better for the human body. There are no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial substances of any kind used in manufacturing Battle Balm®. We also take the oath one step further. We have chosen to make Battle Balm® an earth friendly product that has minimal impact on the environment. That's why we've gone the extra mile in sourcing high quality, naturally grown plants for our Battle Balm® formula. Look at the label.  Everything you see inside each tin or bottle is a renewable plant resource.  We gauge our company's environmental footprint and are always striving to improve upon it. Battle Balm® is fully sustainable and eco-friendly. Future generations of people will be living here on Earth and we don't see a need to punish the environment for the advancement of the human race, especially when there is a way of doing things that benefits. How many other topical pain relief companies are doing the same thing?  We can assure you that not many are.

I believe in what I am doing. I believe in Battle Balm®. I believe that it's time for a change, especially in the way we look at products, ourselves, the world, and how they all interact with one another. Have you ever thought about what happens when you put a product on your skin and body? Some ingredients will get absorbed and some will remain on the skin. What happens when you wash your body? Those substances left on the skin must go somewhere, and most likely, it goes into our ground and water supply. Wouldn't you want to make sure that you are not harming both yourself and your drinking water? I would.

For those that are really, really interested in who I am, or have accidentally made it to the bottom of this page, here's the short, abridged version. I have always been interested in improving upon the status quo. I'm a tinkerer and I love learning about how things work.  I have a Master's in Traditional Oriental Medicine where I studied Chinese acupuncture and herbology. Before that, I studied engineering in college where I picked up a dual engineering degree along with two minor degrees. Before that, I was a high school honors graduate. I believe in working hard for the things I believe in. And I believe in leaving something behind that is greater than myself.  I hope that something is Battle Balm®